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Painting outside ?

Still summertime , so let's enjoy the best of it !

Painting outside needs to be organized. I love this special gift from my work. If you enjoy nature, you will love to live this experience and make an artwork.

When I look at a canva that I have realized that way, it brings me to this particular moment ; the weather, the wind, the warmth, the rain, odors, plants, insects , the ones with their dogs...all those little things around, moving, movements...

To avoid loosing your time finding the perfect place, I invite you to anticipate a few days before and to decide the exact place you would like to be or a place where you think you would be amazed, and try to choose a subject of drawing.

It is also a nice opportunity to ask some of your friend to join you for this special artistic day 2, be 3, be 4.

Just be on the site by 10:30 am.

Last time, we have decided to go to a wild fountain in the middle of the forest; this was a preserved place. We entered the woods, little winding path, full of wild herbs on the edge, plants from all kinds : so beautiful and green. When we reach the place, a tree was singing :

magical ! so was the fountain too !

Try to find where to seat for several hours, be inspired by the nature around and start to put your first marks on the canva, and let it go like you fly.

All of us bring something to eat and share during an hour : let's take a break ! And then work back with new eyes, see our fails and being inspired to bring some original touch, because you are allowed as the creator you are ; just look at the masters who could paint a violet tree, a green sky and so many things : just do it !

Around 3:00 pm, shadows appear ...time to add a few pinches of paint and time to end that day...

Respect the rythme of one another. It is also much amazing to see others artwork, because we all feel things around ourselves differently , choice of support, different techniques, and point of view too.

We share a wonderful day .

Sherry on the cake : all artist !


portable easel ( made in aluminium, very light to carry )

a chair (camping one)

for oil painting ,

plastic box with a cover, in which you you make a palette with already colors on a cooking paper (avoids taking all your paint tubes )

linseed oil


few rags


one or two canvas F2 to F6 ( paper canvas is also very interesting )

for watercolor,

watercolors, water, and special watercolor paper or cards...and brushes.



coffee (friendly)

salad, fruits, bread...

cookies, brownies, candies,...goodies, yummies...yum yum

Do not forget to take a hat with solar cream, just to be sure to optimize your beautiful summer day !

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