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Welcome to this blog

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Hello !

Welcome to the blog which I am so excited to start and to share with you.

It is part of my Art gallery and allows you to discover and understand my work if you feel interested .

I haven't started from zero because as far as I can remember I have always drawn. I live this new activity differently: a new way of seeing the world and a new way of apprehending it and blending from it. I discover that, it is not a question of seeing the world but a question of how to look at it: it takes time to learn how to slow down, sometimes to be able to stop.

I first wished to exhibit in a divine and real place where the paintings would have been showed to visitors, and unfortunately it was not possible ... ... the "online" gallery has imposed by itself; Nothing is ever by chance, because it is the way.

You will find several categories there; My gaze arises everywhere ... an object, the body, a landscape, the outline, the abstraction. I am curious, just like you, to experience new shapes, new colors, everything that our life is offering ...

For the moment you discover the work of several years. The subjects are as diverse as my inspirations. My inspiration is linked to mood, the sensitivity of the moment, but more often remains a mystery.

The atelier is a lonely working place , no time, no clock where all is organized to be easy. I face the moment of inspiration, between empty thoughts and the newborn idea, listening to myself waiting for I.

By now, I am working on the cat, one of my daughter's demand...what a subject !

The red cat is the black cat : LOL ! work makes me smile, brings me happiness and light in the atelier : good job !!!

Painting have been prepared into the clouds by days and so close to the stars by nights.

I wish you a nice stay...

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