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My name is Anne...

I was born in 1969 and,... it took me years to become an artist. Pencil, pen,  paintbrushes, those are the tools that never leave me during childhood. However, does that mean that I consider myself as an artist ?

I first got some painting lessons with a talented artist who decided to enroll me as I came with a canva partially drawn as I mentioned how imperious it was for me to paint : a question of life or death ! He knew.

Further on I went to the Art school of Compiegne.
​As I asked to my new teacher how it was to live from Art, he just answered that it was just a choice to make, I coud easily guessed so.

Years went by, and my frustrations grew. I used canvas and layed colors out.
Sanitary crises helped me to make the choice, and it was an opportunity to turn the page.
Today is like I do start it all again,

It took me years before landing... I am processing my work and with the edge of the brushes spreading a new world coating the canva.




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